HappyWell : anti-stress wellness gym

Anchoring, refocusing and relaxing the body and mind for adults

In this world of immediacy, constantly changing and where everything is accelerating, we are over-stimulated and in constant over-adaptation. Our brains and nervous systems are saturated. The body suffers and sends us signals that we do not always listen to: musculoskeletal pain, digestive difficulties, insomnia, mental ruminations, fatigue, irritation, boredom, malaise, depression, burn-out…

Based on my clinical experience and the theories of Peter Levine and Stephen Porges (polyvagal theory), I propose to come to your workplace for a moment of return to oneself aiming at soothing, anchoring and relaxing the body and mind.

This moment includes 2 times:

Oxygenation: A first soft dynamic body part based on movement, breathing and simple physical exercises with or without tools (small balls, sticks, ropes, etc.), to regain awareness of your body and make your energy circulate;

Relaxation: A second static part to let go of the mind, to refocus and to lower your heart rate through meditation and sound therapy.

My name is Delphine Remy. I am a psychotherapist for adults, children and adolescents. My favorite themes are depression, burnout, trauma, somatization and parenthood (author of the book “être un parent bienveillant” published by Eyrolles). As a former Belgian gymnastics champion, I became aware of the importance of taking care of your body to soothe your mind and return to calmness. “Mens sana in corpore sano”. This is why I have studied Reiki, sound therapy and the sacred feminine.

The course lasts 1 hour, is easy to practice and is accessible to everyone.

Loose clothing and a yoga mat are recommended.

Classes in French or English.

I come to your place of work.

Contact me for practical details: 00 32 479 298 043 – delphineremy@hotmail.com

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